Objectif Lune announce partnership with The Software Bureau to help organisations improve the speed and efficiency of their communications.

The partnership sees Objectif Lune launch ‘TSB Mail Automation’ harnessing the power of the Swift Suite of data processing, data quality and postal sortation solutions from The Software Bureau. Objectif Lune will offer TSB Mail Automation software both standalone and integrated into their market leading product line of communication and mailing management software.

“The Software Bureau is well known in the industry as postal automation experts and we are excited to be in partnership with them and add their technology to our portfolio, to extend our capabilities of offering customers true end to end automation.”

Matt Irish, European partner manager

Compliant with all Royal Mail sorts and the major Downstream Access Providers TSB Mail Automation offers advanced capabilities to maximise mailing discounts. The suite simplifies every aspect of mailing data processing from selecting the most efficient, compliant Sort method to handling the barcoding and collation and upload of eManifests for Mailmark. The suite also offers Objectif Lune clients access to over 400 million data cleansing records from leading data hygiene providers and sophisticated matching and deduplication capabilities to help organisations reduce waste, comply with data regulations and improve campaign ROI.

“Now customers can achieve postage savings, while reducing mailing wastage costs and achieve faster turnaround of jobs, with our new TSB Mail Automation Software”

Matt Irish, European partner manager

Combining TSB Mail Automation with OL Connect offers significant efficiency gains for mailing operations. Where artwork preparation and data processing have been independent siloed activities involving significant manual intervention, with TSB Mail Automation they can now be seamlessly integrated and automated. OL Connect can trigger data processing activities such as PAF enhancing or Sorting mailing data to comply with Mailmark standards without leaving the OL Connect software. The automation capability makes it possible for regular, routine jobs to be run automatically without human intervention. As demands for operational efficiencies increase, automating routine customer communications can provide a real competitive advantage.

“This is an exciting step for us because Objectif Lune are industry leaders in process automation for transactional documents. We look forward to working with them to combat mail wastage and data degradation with TSB Mail Automation, our market leading joint offering.”

John Joyce, Commercial Director

This partnership with Objectif Lune demonstrates The Software Bureau’s commitment to helping clients improve the efficiency of marketing communications and continuously striving to improve the ROI of Direct Mail.


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