To achieve the best margin it is imperative mail producers achieve the lowest postage costs. Postal sortation software ensures mail is sequenced and compliant to the standards required by the postage provider to achieve the most competitive postage rates.



Postage Providers

Royal Mail is no longer the only choice for postage in the UK. Whistl, UKMail, Secured Mail and Citipost all offer competing services with the associated sortation requirements and varying price points. SwiftSort is compatible with all of the Royal Mail formats and the 4 most prominent Downstream Access providers delivering a comprehensive single application for all postal sortation requirements.



Sortation involves the production of mail in the format and sequence required by the postage provider for maximum efficiency of delivery. Correctly deployed, sortation can reduce the cost per piece by up to 45% with some postal providers offering prices as low as 18 pence per piece. However failure to comply with the data standards of the postage provider can result in penalties as large as 16.5p per record, dramatically eroding the profit in a job. SwiftSort makes sortation and compliance simple with an easy to use step by step wizard automatically sorting your data to comply with your chosen postage provider.

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Before Mailmark it was difficult to measure attributes of a posted campaign. With an investment of £70m from Royal Mail, Mailmark represents the most dramatic change in mail analytics offering detailed online reporting detailing delivery timings, volume and performance. SwiftSort provides everything you need to become Mailmark enabled and offer your clients access to this revolution in mail capability.

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