With more and more sources of data to deal with, increasing postage costs and more demanding recipients, data accuracy has become a top priority for brands. Data processing software helps mail producers, printers and data bureaux improve data quality and the ROI of marketing campaigns.

Why your clients care about Data Processing

Accurate and consistent data

Data integrity erodes as much as *30% per year and nothing alienates customers more than receiving a mailing piece featuring incorrect details. With Cygnus, existing customers can be removed from prospect data and intelligent matching services can be used to trace, suppress and update records to help drive up response rates.


Compliant mailings

Cygnus makes it simple to format address data consistently and adhere to compliance standards. A full suite of data hygiene tools enables addresses to be screened against preference and suppression services, updated and encoded for Mailmark and sorted for mail production.

Minimised costs

Duplicate or incorrect records are removed to reduce money wasted on mailings that never reach recipients. Integration of Royal Mail and the major downstream access providers ensure you and your clients achieve the very best postage prices for all their mailing campaigns.

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