Improve efficiency and remove bottlenecks with automated data processing and hygiene.

Think Lean, Think Automation

Automating manual, inefficient tasks and optimising processes is key to achieving competitiveness for commercial mailing, data bureau and in-house data teams. Automation helps to remove bottlenecks and errors associated with human processing, improve utilisation of hardware and software and reduce turn around times and costs associated with data preparation.

The Software Bureau has developed a variety of software solutions to enable data teams to reap the rewards of automation. The Swift suite of tools offer automation of sortation, processing and hygiene functions from the command line. SwiftCore goes further to automate and integrate data hygiene via its category leading RESTful API.

A Heritage in Mail

The founders and the majority of The Software Bureau staff have their heritage in direct mail production. For more than 20 years The Software Bureau has developed industry leading, practical applications to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the modern mailing house. From Postal Sortation and Mailmark to Data Processing and Hygiene over 75% of the UK’s largest mail producers choose The Software Bureau for their mission critical data software.

Before Automation

Data and processing machines are available many hours before the job can begin. Disparate online and offline tools are used to process and cleanse data during peak working hours. Jobs have longer lead times and both bottlenecks and human error frequently occur.

Before Automation

After Automation

Immediately on arrival data is automatically processed, cleansed and sorted using simple command line automation. Work is carried out off-peak when data processing machines are in lowest demand, both cost and turn around times are reduced, and efficiency is improved.

After Automation
Gecko Automation Case Study

Case Study – Gecko

“Within 2 months of working with the Swift Suite we have automated 50% of all direct mail jobs.”

James Beal, Head of Technical Production, Gecko

Read the Case Study

Automation Software


Automate postal sortation for Royal Mail and all the major downstream access providers.

Explore SwiftSort


Automate PAF validation and enhancement with UDPRN, vanity address and multi-residency control.

Explore SwiftPAF


Automate suppression and home mover data cleansing against 400 million records.

Explore SwiftCleanse


Automate deduplication with advanced fuzzy logic, multi-file and multi-level matching.

Explore SwiftDedupe


Automate matching and appending lookup data to consolidate multiple data sets.

Explore SwiftMatch


Automate adding Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) to mailing data with superior matching levels.

Explore SwiftDPS