Automation Ready Data Processing and Hygiene

Automation-Ready Data Processing and Cleansing Software

The Swift suite of products provide high speed and mature data processing and hygiene capabilities. Available as individual tools or combined to handle multiple data processing tasks such as postal sortation, PAF enhancement and even cleansing.

Swift tools can be operated via their intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) or automated from the command line. Automation with Swift products improves process efficiency, reduces the burden of manual data processing and helps to eliminate production bottlenecks.

SwiftCore is a first of its kind data hygiene API offering access to over 450 million premium goneaway, deceased and home mover records from the industry’s leading providers. The SwiftCore RESTful API allows developers to integrate, infinitely scalable data hygiene into applications without the requirement to manage infrastructure or negotiate individual licenses with file owners.

Swift Software


Automate postal sortation for Royal Mail and all the major downstream access providers.

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Automate PAF validation and enhancement with UDPRN, vanity address and multi-residency control.

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Automate suppression and home mover data cleansing against 450 million records.

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Automate deduplication with advanced fuzzy logic, multi-file and multi-level matching.

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Automate matching and appending lookup data to consolidate multiple data sets.

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Automate adding Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) to mailing data with superior matching levels.

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