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Becoming Mailmark Ready

The Guide from The Software Bureau with everything you need to know to get your business Mailmark ready and capitalise on the most cost effective way to mail.

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and Trace

The definitive guide to data hygiene, suppression and home mover data.
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Lean DM

The systematic process of eliminating direct mail waste and exceeding client expectations. Download your free guide from The Software Bureau today.

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If you're serious about processing data and mail in the UK, and want to get it right, you deal with The Software Bureau. It's that simple.
David Laybourne, Managing Director, REAL Digital International Limited
No hard sell, just passionate, knowledgeable people, a pleasure to deal with.
Anthony Bagshaw, Owner and Managing Director, Gecko
Cygnus really is the premier data processing software within our industry. If you are in this industry, then there really is only one choice of software and that's Cygnus
John Knight, Data Production Manager, The Production Hub

Less Hassle

One easy to use visual interface for all data processing requirements

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Fewer Errors

12 configurable modules to handle every possible data processing task your clients require

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Profit Opportunities

Help clients drive up response rates by cleansing and enriching data

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SwiftSort Postal Sortation

SwiftSort Postal Sortation

Comprehensive retail and wholesale data sortation in one package

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Cygnus Data Processing

Cygnus Data Processing

All the tools for data quality and mailing excellence in one place

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My Mailing

Free SaaS Sortation

Free SaaS Software for Postal Sortation, no contract, no fee

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Data Processing Software

Data processing, sometimes referred to as data cleansing, data hygiene or data quality software describes the technology used to audit and improve the quality and consistency of a name and address data file. Often used by organisations involved in the supply of direct mail and postal solutions, data processing software can involve among other functions the deduplication or removal of duplicate records, merging multiple data files, and suppressing records to exclude particular recipients from being mailed.

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Postal Sortation Software

Postal sortation, sometimes referred to as Mailsort or mail sort involves the process of resequencing a list of recipient mailings into geographically relevant areas as stipulated by the postal service provider. Mailing services providers who employ sortation software benefit from reduced mailing costs.

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