Find out everything you need to know about data processing, hygiene and sortation.

Data Hygiene

Data hygiene is proven to improve campaign ROI, protect the brand and reduce postage costs. With so many different suppression and home mover files available, how do you know which ones are right for you? This free 16 page Data Hygiene guide from The Software Bureau provides a comprehensive overview of the files available within Cygnus, SwiftCleanse and SwiftCore. Find out:

  • The features of each file
  • Sources of data
  • How to compare files
  • Volume of records
  • Frequency of updates
  • Data hygiene best practices
Data Hygiene Guide

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Lean DM

Lean DM is a programme created by The Software Bureau to advocate data quality and data processing best practices. Lean DM is about reducing waste and improving the return on investment achievable with direct mail. Download your 32 page guide and find out:

  • 5 sources of waste in direct mail
  • Where clients can achieve DM savings
  • How to differentiate with Lean DM
  • Stories of dramatic DM savings
Lean DM
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