What is Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene is about increasing the quality of a data file prior to using it for mailing. The process involves matching a source mailing file against records of home movers and the deceased in order to identify and remove those recipients or trace their new addresses. Data hygiene cuts postage costs, protects brand and improves campaign ROI.


Why mail producers, printers and data bureaux should offer data hygiene services

  • Generate more profit
  • Attract new customers
  • Stand out from competitors

It is difficult to make a profit from selling standard direct mail or supplying cold data. There are too many competitors offering comparable services. However helping your clients improve the ROI of their campaigns by cleaning their data is a highly valuable service and is often a great way of attracting new clients. Cygnus provides everything you need to offer clients a comprehensive data hygiene service.


Why marketers should be using data hygiene services

  • Increased response rates
  • Improved client retention
  • Reduced objections and complaints

One of the most valuable assets a business has is its customer data, but with annual data decay exceeding 30% in some cases it is becoming increasingly challenging to maintain. Cygnus provides over 500 million deceased and home mover records making it is easy to keep mailing data up to date.


Data Hygiene Powered by Cygnus

  • 500+ million deceased and goneaway records
  • Run locally for fast processing and security
  • Granular and sequential matching control

Unlike most data processing services, Cygnus has over 500 million UK records embedded within the local software. These files are provided by suppliers such as Royal Mail, Experian and REaD group among others. Embedding these files directly within the software improves speed, security and automation of data processing jobs. Cygnus also makes it simple to offer clients free data hygiene reports, a pivotal service to help marketers understand the quality of their database and the potential for hygiene improvements.


Getting Data Hygiene right

The Software Bureau Academy provides the expertise to help users excel at data hygiene. Learn how to use Cygnus to segment and split high accuracy transaction data from historic data to avoid unnecessary suppression costs. Understand matching settings and levels of confidence when removing records and how to create data hygiene reports to show prospective clients how you can improve their data.

Pureprint are all about marketing ROI so with the enrichment service offered by The Software Bureau we can help our customers drive up the performance of their campaigns.

Scott Evans - Head of Data and Marketing Communications, Pureprint Group



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