The Story

Over 20 years of data quality excellence.

The Software Bureau was founded in 2000 based on a simple observation that quality data is at the heart of every campaign.

Philip Morgan and Paul Callow were working as data processing managers within a prominent UK mailing organisation and were looking for a system to make data processing simpler and more efficient. Concluding that no software was available on the market to achieve this they set about writing one and Cygnus was born.

Fast forward over 20 years and The Software Bureau is recognised by mail producers, data bureaux, charities and corporates as leaders in data processing, hygiene and postal sortation solutions.

Along the way The Software Bureau has expanded the team with hand picked industry experts from the most prestigious mailing and data focused businesses in the UK. The Software Bureau has adapted to the increasing demands of data performance and maintains a razor sharp focus on helping companies maximise the performance of their data and their campaigns.