Consumers are getting more comfortable with sharing data

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New research from GDMA (Global Data and Marketing Alliance) reveals that consumers are much more comfortable with, and even see a value in, sharing data than they ever have been previously. This is especially true if they see a clear benefit of doing so. More than half of the people surveyed (53%), across 16 countries, agree that the exchange of personal information is essential for the smooth running of modern society. The vast majority of global consumers (82%) are prepared to engage with the data economy in 2022. Trust in an organisation remains the most important factor driving consumers’ willingness to share personal information with a company. Over a third (38%) of consumers rank ‘trust in an organisation’ in the top [...]

Why now is the time to invest in direct mail – what are you waiting for?

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Last week Royal Mail announced that it was extending its Mailmark Economy Incentive deal until 25th June 2022. This means that businesses can take advantage of more cost-effective campaigns for longer. The discounts that apply are up to 25 per cent for up to three million incremental volume or up to 30 per cent for over three million incremental volume. Mailmark Economy is Royal Mail’s cheapest direct mail tariff. It was introduced at the beginning of last year to help the mail operator become more efficient. It basically enables Royal Mail to delay the handling of all non-urgent mail. Under the Mailmark offering, as soon as Royal Mail receives a campaign it will deliver the items the next day, however, [...]

How clean is your house?

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According to a new report by Validity which surveyed over 1,200 CRM specialists, 76 per cent of businesses rate their customer relationship management (CRM) data quality as either “good” or “very good. Yet, according to the study 44 per cent estimated their company loses over 10 per cent of annual revenue due to poor data quality. Which seems something of a paradox. Close to 20 years ago a programme called How Clean is Your House? regularly attracted 5.1 million viewers, over 1.5 million more than Love Island – clearly this was before the time of Netflix and Amazon; there was very little else on! The format was simple; hapless homeowners were visited by professional cleaning duo Kim Woodburn and Aggie Mackensie [...]

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