Last week Royal Mail announced that it was extending its Mailmark Economy Incentive deal until 25th June 2022.

This means that businesses can take advantage of more cost-effective campaigns for longer. The discounts that apply are up to 25 per cent for up to three million incremental volume or up to 30 per cent for over three million incremental volume.

Mailmark Economy is Royal Mail’s cheapest direct mail tariff. It was introduced at the beginning of last year to help the mail operator become more efficient. It basically enables Royal Mail to delay the handling of all non-urgent mail. Under the Mailmark offering, as soon as Royal Mail receives a campaign it will deliver the items the next day, however, the Economy tariff can defer delivery for up to three days after hand over. This allows Royal Mail to optimise its delivery flow and means that if you have a campaign that isn’t time sensitive you can get very attractive postage rates.

As we blogged last week, direct mail’s star is in ascendence due to its growing popularity amongst consumers. During lockdown it became the most trusted form of marketing and has stayed that way since. As a result of the increased engagement return on investment is soaring and increasingly organisations are adding it to their marketing mix.

To qualify for the discount applications must be received by Royal Mail by 10th June, so if you have any campaigns coming up, now is the time to act! And don’t forget to clean your data, thus increasing ROI by giving your mailing the best chance of reaching the right people. And the best news? The discount you’ll receive from the incentive will more than pay for your data cleansing! A win-win.