Why home movers will be so important to marketers in 2018 and beyond

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People in the UK are some of the most prolific home movers in the world. Stats show that on average we move eight times in our lifetime, which is almost double the amount of moves made by people in France, Germany and Spain. This figure has doubled in forty years. In 1975 the average Brit only relocated an average of four times and this growth is showing no sign of abating as people are increasingly flitting from one house to another to make their way up the property ladder. As a result of all of these home moves; around 11 per cent of the population or 7 million people, it is unsurprising that it is difficult for marketers to keep [...]

Open Standard Published for GeMMA to Improve the Mailmark Experience

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In an unprecedented move, The Software Bureau has published the Open Standards for its market leading, Mailmark eManifest management process, GeMMA in a bid to both improve the Mailmark experience and attract more mailers to the bulk mail solution. Mailmark is now the most cost-effective and accountable way for mailers to send bulk mail, however the lack of continuity between application standards has been identified as a barrier. Each software application can have a different standard or data format, resulting in confusion and unnecessary costs being incurred by mailers having to handle manifest data from different sources. By publishing the open standard to GeMMA The Software Bureau provides the industry with a common platform that brings together the different software [...]

Five reasons why an in-house data processing tool is a must for fulfilment houses

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Direct Mail’s star is in ascendance. Stats and recent research show that volumes are on the increase. End users are becoming increasingly aware of the power of DM as a legitimate marketing tool as new initiatives from organisations such as Royal Mail are widely publicised. Moreover, as criticisms continue to be levied against telemarketing, lead generation and internet display advertising budget is being shifted across to DM from new and existing mail clients. This is obviously great news for those of us in the industry. But with it comes responsibility – and that responsibility is in the form of exemplary data hygiene. Get it wrong and we risk damaging the reputation of an already fragile (but recovering) medium. All of [...]

Software Bureau’s Cygnus suite adds 125m records

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The Software Bureau has added 125 million new records to its embedded suppression service within its Cygnus data processing suite. The update follows the REaD Group’s recent upgrade of its data hygiene suite – including the Bereavement Register, the Gone Away Supression File and GAS Reactive – to reach a claimed 100 million records. The refreshed data run through Cygnus provides 29 million new tracked address records and 96 million goneaways. This latest update makes Cygnus the most comprehensive data processing solution available for direct mailers, the company claims. Sitting within Cygnus is the company’s Lean DM workflow package which systematically addresses each of the five sources of waste and highlights opportunities to both optimise mailings and save money. The firm maintains [...]

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