Analytics are only as strong as the underlying data

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Why data hygiene must become a priority post covid According to Fortune Business Insights, the global machine learning and analytics market is expected to grow from $21.17 billion in 2022 to $209.91 billion by 2029, at a CAGR of 38.8 percent. Clearly it is big business, and the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has served to accelerate demand. Increasingly organisations from all sectors are turning to computers to make decisions from insurers calculating a customer’s risk profile through to airlines looking to work out how much food and drink to carry onboard. Every industry without exception can apply analytics to its data to make faster, more informed decisions. But, and it is a big BUT, analytics and machine learning [...]

Ben Warren Joins The Software Bureau

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The Software Bureau strengthens its commercial team with the appointment of Ben Warren as Business Development Manager. Ben joins the company with a wealth of experience within the data industry and a passion to help brands in delivering marketing campaigns that not only engage the consumer but have the maximum return on their investment. "As marketing effectiveness is highly dependent on the quality of a brands data, this is a really exciting opportunity for brands to create a seamless and automated process within their data processing infrastructure – complementing and enhancing any incumbent technology." - Ben Warren, Business Development Manager Ben joins the business as The Software Bureau embarks on a phase of significant growth. New disruptive cloud services such [...]

The Software Bureau Annual Benchmark Survey

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The Software Bureau continues to lead the marketplace in data processing, data hygiene, and Mailmark software. Around 150 organisations rely on Cygnus, SwiftSort and GeMMA, and with the release of further Swift products over the previous 12 months including PAF, Dedupe, Cleanse and Match, we have been adding to the broad range of solutions available for our customers. To ensure the business remains acutely focused on those real-world needs of data professionals, The Software Bureau published a benchmark customer survey in October this year. We asked customers to provide feedback about everything from product capabilities, support response times and knowledge, and matters affecting our collective businesses. The results are now in!   How does our customer support team score? Our [...]

Objectif Lune Partner with The Software Bureau

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Objectif Lune announce partnership with The Software Bureau to help organisations improve the speed and efficiency of their communications. The partnership sees Objectif Lune launch ‘TSB Mail Automation’ harnessing the power of the Swift Suite of data processing, data quality and postal sortation solutions from The Software Bureau. Objectif Lune will offer TSB Mail Automation software both standalone and integrated into their market leading product line of communication and mailing management software. “The Software Bureau is well known in the industry as postal automation experts and we are excited to be in partnership with them and add their technology to our portfolio, to extend our capabilities of offering customers true end to end automation.” Matt Irish, European partner manager Compliant [...]

27001 but not just any 27001

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The Software Bureau is pleased to announce the achievement of 27001:2013 certification. The globally recognised standard of information security. The specialist inspection, audit and certification firm SGS were chosen to conduct the certification process due to their reputation for providing the most thorough and stringent audit process which far exceed the minimum requirements for certification. SGS is one of a small number of assessors accredited by the sole national accreditation body United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Being accredited by UKAS demonstrates SGS’s commitment to hold organisations such as The Software Bureau to not only the minimum UK standards, but to internationally agreed standards too. Clients can take confidence in The Software Bureau’s 27001 credentials are industry leading. “Information security has [...]

6 New Automation Focused Products from The Software Bureau

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The quest to achieve greater efficiencies, cost reductions and removal of compliance vulnerabilities has led data professionals to look for ways to automate their data systems. Modern mail producers, data bureaux and in-house data teams now see fast processing speeds and breadth of functionality as the standard and are turning their attention towards ways to reduce human interaction altogether and opportunities to achieve ‘lights out’ data processing and cleansing. The Software Bureau is adapting to meet these demands and today has unveiled a host of new automation focused products under the ‘Swift’ banner. These new software products make it easy for data teams to automatically process, sort and clean data without manual intervention.   Why Automate Data Processing and Cleansing? [...]

The Software Bureau Annual Benchmark 2018

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The Software Bureau is the renowned leader in data processing, sortation and Mailmark software. More than 125 organisations rely on Cygnus, SwiftSort and GeMMA as the backbone of their data services function. The business has its roots in the mailing industry where the founders built software for their own data processing needs before branching out to become a software vendor for the rest of the industry. To ensure the business remains acutely focused on those real-world needs of data professionals, The Software Bureau publishes an annual benchmark customer survey. They asked customers to provide feedback about everything from product capabilities, to support response times and industry trends. The results for this year are in! Why Clients Choose The Software Bureau [...]

New Recruits at The Software Bureau

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New Starters from Left Lucie Marinaro-Jones and Jolly Varshney The Software Bureau welcomes two new experienced team members to its growing team. As part of an ongoing expansion, The Software Bureau has recruited two new team members. Lucie Marinaro-Jones joins as Account Director and Jolly Varshney joins the C# development team. Lucie has spent more than 10 years working for global data businesses such as Experian and Equifax where she managed customer relationships with top tier brands such as Burberry and BBC. Lucie joins the growing commercial team and will be responsible for the strategic relationships between The Software Bureau and their diverse and expanding client base. Jolly is an experienced .Net developer who has held senior development positions across [...]

5 New Cygnus Customers in 5 Weeks

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“When we were looking for a solution Cygnus and The Software Bureau came up again and again.” Andrew Wells of Media Five joins 4 other clients in the last 5 weeks who have chosen Cygnus data processing software from The Software Bureau. 2017 has seen significant growth from existing clients expanding their use of Cygnus and new clients choosing the data processing software. With these 5 new additions to the Cygnus user base, the pace of investment in data processing doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We asked some of our newest users to tell us what swayed them to choose Cygnus.   GDPR Compliance The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018 and for the first [...]

Central Mailing Invest in Cygnus from The Software Bureau

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About Central Mailing Services Ltd With 60 staff, 3 sites and 25 years under its belt, Central Mailing is a prominent player in the direct mail industry. The £7+ million turnover business provides end-to-end direct mail facilities to predominantly Education, Charity and Performing Arts clients. Richard Morrow, Sales Director of Central Mailing points to a strategy of continuous investment in technology and equipment as the winning formula for prolonged growth. Central Mailing provides complementary data health checks to clients alongside a full range of data processing functions within their in-house data bureau. A team of 10 data professionals process in excess of 70 jobs per day handling everything from the standard deduplication and sortation through to data hygiene work combining [...]

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