At the recent Ultimate Direct Mail workshop Lauren Mason, marketing director of Live Unlimited and Ro & Zo showcased the power of direct mail and smashed the perception held by some marketers that it is too expensive to add into the marketing mix.

Talking about her first experiences of direct mail this year, Mason found that acquiring customers through direct mail was more affordable than digital methods. She was surprised to discover that not only did it drive higher retention rates but that it also boosted LTV (lifetime value) and AOV (average order value). This indicates that Live Unlimited and Ro & Zo customers acquired via direct mail are likely to stay longer and spend more, providing a solid and compelling return on investment  – meaning the financials stack up.

But direct mail delivers more than just ROI. It offers organisations a physical touchpoint that create a lasting impression. This tangibility is proven to strengthen the customer-brand relationship in ways other channels can’t. Research by Canadian Post finds that messages delivered by direct mail are significantly easier to absorb. It takes 21% less cognitive effort for the brain to process than the same message delivered by email. This leads to 70% higher brand recall.

And the reason for this? Relevance.

Direct mail gets brands directly into the hands of the customer, and when it is well targeted it resonates very strongly. To achieve relevance data hygiene is an absolute must. This means meticulously maintaining and managing the quality of your customer data including:

  • Regular Cleansing: Routinely cleaning customer data by removing duplicate records, correcting inaccuracies, supressing goneaways and deceased individuals, and updating outdated information. This ensures that your communications reach the right recipients.
  • Validation and Verification: Validating and verifying customer addresses. Incorrect or incomplete data can lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities.
  • Targeting: Tailoring your direct mail campaigns to deliver personalised content that resonates.
  • Consent Management: Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations including respecting opt-out requests promptly

Mason concurred that when it comes to cost efficiency in marketing, many marketers approach direct mail with trepidation.  It’s a common perception that DM is prohibitively expensive due to the media costs, the creative costs, the data management costs and the postage costs, making it seem daunting for brands to consider.  However, as she was keen to point out, direct mail delivers results and engages consumers in a way no other channel can.

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