EU passes AI Act

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The European Parliament has passed the AI Act, the first major AI regulatory framework to become law. It is being seen by experts as potentially setting an international benchmark akin to the impact of GDPR on data privacy standards back in 2018. The framework aims to ensure transparent development and utilisation of AI within the EU, establishing guidelines for AI systems deemed high-risk. In response to concerns from the tech industry about potential restrictions on innovations like ChatGPT, the legislation adopts a risk-based, tiered regulatory strategy rather than a broad, one-size-fits-all approach. It also specifies varying compliance timelines based on the perceived risk level of AI applications. The legislation categorises AI according to its risk level, delineating prohibited uses, essential [...]

We’re set for growth as efficiency identified as a key priority for businesses

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According to McKinsey's The State of Organizations Report and Deloitte's 2024 Global Human Capital Trends efficiency has been pinpointed as a key priority for organisations moving forward. Both reports (and many more) emphasise the importance of automation and process adaptability as metrics for success in an increasingly volatile and complex global market. With these trends in mind, following a period of business planning, we believe we’re  perfectly positioned to help organisations meet these challenges with our pioneering solutions that drive efficiency, enhance data management, and empower businesses to leverage their full potential. And our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence has never been stronger. We continuously explore new ways to improve our solutions, harnessing the power of emerging [...]

Direct Mail Continues to Deliver

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The latest data from JICMail reinforces our recent article about the resurgence of print (which you can read here: The research shows that direct mail is not only holding its ground, but is playing a pivotal role in driving significant commercial returns for businesses. The Power of Mail in Numbers The Q4 2023 data reveals that 6.5% of direct mail prompted a purchase, marking a notable increase from 4.8% in the same quarter the previous year. This surge underscores the evolving consumer behaviours, particularly the increasing regard for direct mail as a communication channel and the shift towards e-commerce, with 3.3% of mail driving online purchases directly. The digital footprint of mail extends further, with 8.4% of recipients visiting [...]

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