The latest data from JICMail reinforces our recent article about the resurgence of print (which you can read here: The research shows that direct mail is not only holding its ground, but is playing a pivotal role in driving significant commercial returns for businesses.

The Power of Mail in Numbers

The Q4 2023 data reveals that 6.5% of direct mail prompted a purchase, marking a notable increase from 4.8% in the same quarter the previous year. This surge underscores the evolving consumer behaviours, particularly the increasing regard for direct mail as a communication channel and the shift towards e-commerce, with 3.3% of mail driving online purchases directly.

The digital footprint of mail extends further, with 8.4% of recipients visiting websites, 4.8% looking up accounts, and a 40% conversion rate from website visits to purchases. These figures not only highlight the effectiveness of mail in driving digital actions but also its efficiency in converting interest into tangible sales.

Digital Actions and Beyond

JICMail’s expanded tracking metrics reveal more about the digital journey initiated by mail. Online searches were prompted by 2.6% of mail pieces, while emails to advertisers and app downloads were encouraged by 1.1% and 1% of mail, respectively. Notably, mail also led to in-store purchases for 2.3% of recipients in Q4 2023.

The strategy behind mail distribution shows the benefits of a targeted approach; nearly a quarter of direct mail was aimed at cold acquisition, whereas 88% of door drops sought to reach new prospects, highlighting the strategic deployment of mail types to maximise reach and impact. With regards to direct mail a database comprising up-to-date and recently cleansed data was found to be critical to ensuring greater engagement from consumers and enhanced campaign ROI.

Attention Economy

Mail’s ability to capture and hold consumer attention remains impressive. Business mail was interacted with for over two and a half minutes on average within a 28-day period, whilst door drops, which are noted for their efficiency in grabbing attention, commanded an average of 1-minute.

The Lifespan of Mail

The persistence of mail in homes is another testament to its value, with business mail remaining for an average of 8.3 days, direct mail for 7.1 days, Partially Addressed Mail for 6.1 days, and door drops for 5.8 days. The interaction frequency with these mail pieces further underscores their significance in the consumer’s journey, with business mail leading at 4.7 interactions over 28 days.

JICMail’s Q4 2023 report highlights the enduring power of mail marketing. For marketers aiming to cut through the noise and make a tangible impact, the message is clear: underestimate the power of mail at your peril!

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