We are all now coming round to the fact that there’s something timeless and magical about direct mail. You just have to scan the recent news headlines to see that mail’s resurgence is not a flash in the pan. According to JICMAIL its effectiveness recently reached its highest point in a year and a half, with an impressive 31 per cent of mail driving positive commercial outcomes for brands. It is also now the most trusted form of marketing by consumers and commands attention for c.2 minutes across a lifespan of 28 days in the home.

Its therefore unsurprising that Marketreach has breathed new life into their “Magic of Mail” campaign, aiming to showcase the incredible attributes of physical mail in a bold and hyperbolic manner.

The All-New Magic of Mail Campaign

The campaign’s primary goal remains the same: to highlight the remarkable features and benefits of using direct mail for marketing purposes. However, a strong sustainability message has been incorporated recognising the growing global concern for environmental responsibility. This addition underscores their commitment to not only promoting the effectiveness of direct mail but also to aligning the campaign with the pressing need for eco-conscious marketing practices. They emphasise how direct mail can be an environmentally friendly choice for brands. By reducing their digital carbon footprint, businesses can opt for a more sustainable marketing approach such as eco-friendly printing and better data management, while still reaping the rewards of direct mail.

Attention Stats that Wow

As highlighted above data remains the backbone of any successful campaign, and this one is no exception. The refreshed “Magic of Mail” campaign features new attention statistics, underlining just how captivating direct mail can be. With attention-grabbing numbers, they’re proving that direct mail isn’t just a medium; it’s a powerful way to capture an audience’s focus through effective targeting.

The Tactile Appeal of Mail: Enter the Fluffy Kitten

One of the standout elements of this campaign is the adorable fluffy kitten. The tactile nature of mail is something digital channels can’t replicate. The fluffy kitten represents the sensory experience of receiving and interacting with direct mail. It’s a reminder that direct mail isn’t just about content; it’s about a tangible, personal connection with your audience.

Spreading the Magic Across Channels

As you might expect, the campaign will be running across a spectrum of marketing channels, including social media, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, digital outdoor displays, and of course, direct mail itself. This omnichannel approach ensures that the message lands and best showcases the benefits of the channel.

Experience the Magic

And the reason we’ve written this blog? Because Marketreach is actively encouraging the industry to share the Magic of Mail. So, don’t miss out on this magical journey—watch the campaign film here: https://www.marketreach.co.uk/magic-of-mail and join the conversation about the enduring allure of direct mail in the digital age. #magicofmail