Home mover monitoring is about ensuring mail reaches its intended recipient when they move house. The property market in the UK continues to boom as a result of the Chancellor’s Stamp Duty holiday introduced after lockdown 1. Despite the tax break coming to an end in September 2021, there hasn’t been any let up in demand for relocation. Home movers are at the highest they have ever been. The reality is that when we move house, most of us don’t inform everyone that sends us mail. The challenge for marketers is to stop the hundreds or sometimes thousands of pounds they spent capturing that prospect or customer from disappearing when they move home.

A Marketing No-Brainer

Data decay from home movers can strike body blows to marketing return on investment figures. The wasted print and postage costs incurred by sending mail to the wrong person pales in comparison to the cost of losing a customer through lack of communication or the potential damage caused by mailing sensitive information to the wrong person. It is widely reported to cost up to 8 times more to sell to a new customer over an existing one and this doesn’t include the cost of acquisition. With all of these considerations home mover tracking is a no-brainer for marketers concerned with preserving relationships with customers and prospects.

Benefits of Home Mover Tracking for Mail Producers

Often engaged at the very last minute with tight deadlines to meet it can be tempting for mail producers to ‘do as they are told’ and not proactively introduce home mover tacking to their clients. However, there are several reasons a mail producer should make that extra effort.

1.Increased Mail Volume

The more common data cleaning processes of removing deceased or goneaway records lead to a net reduction in mail volume. However, home mover tracking adds back at least some of these recipients to preserve volumes and in turn revenues.

2.Increased Profitability

Lean DM offers the opportunity to charge for data services both as an ‘hourly service’ and also per record with each home mover identified able to be billed on to the mail user at a profit. Some large mail producers have even publicly stated they make more money from their data services than they do from their production facility.

3. Differentiate Your Business

Mail producers willing to help clients ensure campaigns reach customers and prospects will stand out amongst those focused solely on production and volume.


Making Home Mover Monitoring Simple

The Software Bureau provides data processing software solutions that power Lean DM for over 100 UK mail producers, charities and businesses. Unlike other data processing platforms, our solutions make home mover monitoring both comprehensive and simple. Providing access to over 50 million home mover records from all of the main providers such as Royal Mail, Experian and REaD Group.

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