“What if we could take everything our Cygnus clients love about Embedded Suppression. All the files in one place, control over the sequence of matches, no negotiations with individual file owners. And make it all available to developers in the cloud?”

It’s November 2016 and the product team at The Software Bureau are meeting to discuss the roadmap for Swift and Cygnus. An unprecedented silence falls upon the room while everyone reflects on Andy Benson’s challenge. Seconds later and the room has erupted into a frenzy of noise and excitement. Developers are frantically drawing system diagrams on the white board and talking about Azure Cloud, Serverless tech, Planet Scale processing, data chunking and NoSQL databases. The commercial team are contemplating what a cloud data processing solution could unlock for file owners and data services businesses. SwiftCore is born…

12 months, countless hours of development time, numerous meetings with Microsoft executives and today The Software Bureau are excited to announce the launch the Early Access Programme for SwiftCore. Built as a platform for developers, SwiftCore is a simple, fast and GDPR ready way to build data hygiene applications and integrations.


What is SwiftCore?

SwiftCore makes it possible to automate the cleaning of UK contact data online. Instead of having to work in an offline, file-in-file-out desktop environment such as Cygnus, SwiftCore allows input data to be checked against deceased, goneaway and home-mover data programmatically. Without a platform such as SwiftCore, data processors or controllers wishing to automate or integrate data hygiene application would have to invest in hardware, negotiate access to individual suppression files, build matching logic and maintain everything. Making suppression and home mover data available via an easy to use, scalable and GDPR ready platform dramatically reduces the time and cost of these projects.


What is SwiftCore Used For?

SwiftCore Diagram

The significant reduction in development costs and speed to delivery offered by SwiftCore significantly expand the possibilities for data hygiene applications.

Perhaps a client would like to keep CRM contacts up to date. SwiftCore could be used to automatically check contact data held in a CRM against 400 million deceased, goneaway and home mover data records and flag or update incorrect data automatically.

A data bureau may wish to create an online health check service for clients and prospects. SwiftCore could be called upon as the engine to ingest data and provide match counts back to users or even serve up actual results if the users buy the healthcheck.

A GDPR conscious data controller wants to demonstrate pro-active data compliance processes. They could choose to integrate their customer database with SwiftCore to periodically clean the data to prevent deceased or goneaway customers from being contacted and indebtedly breaching data protection regulations.


How do I find Out More about SwiftCore?

SwiftCore is currently only available to a small number of pre-selected participants via the Early Access Programme. Find out more about this new service at www.swiftcore.net and feel free to register a place on the waiting list to join the Early Access Programme.