The Software Bureau has once again passed Royal Mail’s sortation test to become an accredited sortation software provider. Accredited sortation providers are proven to maximise postal efficiency and therefore reduce the costs of a mailing campaign for clients.

In an independent review of The Software Bureau’s leading Cygnus, SwiftSort and API products, Royal Mail tested the sortation element of each product and validated their efficiency and accuracy.

For the tests, The Software Bureau was required to sort a list of approximately 29,000 UK addresses and submit the Computer Planning Report and Line Listing generated by the Software to Royal Mail for validation.

This is the first time an organisation has passed the test since 2016 meaning that The Software Bureau is currently the only up-to-date accredited sortation provider. The details of the accreditation can be viewed here:

Royal Mail requires that all low sort option mailing customers use accredited software (i.e. software that has passed the sortation test). High sort option customers are recommended to also use accredited software.

Comments Martin Rides, Managing Director, The Software Bureau: 

“We’re delighted to have once again been recognised by Royal Mail for the sortation functionality of our products. It is important that our clients know that Royal Mail has tested our products and given them their seal of approval. No other provider has had their products verified recently and there have been many changes in sortation over the last decade, so this really provides peace of mind.”

Adds Matt Rees (Sales Director, Pureprint)

“The Software Bureau enables us to sort our address data across all the common sortation standards, which means that our ROI goes up and our costs go down. Their products are easy to use and knowing that Royal Mail has tested their products just adds to their credibility.”