Customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will on average have 187,500 inaccurate records by the end of the year, a new study by Free Data Health Check and Clean Contacts reveals.

In the UK 1.5 million households move each year. Since January 2021 the number of households in the moving journey has increased by half a million to two million as a direct result of the buoyant property market caused by the Chancellor’s stamp duty holiday. This means that there are unprecedented numbers of people moving home with estate agents now reporting less than two month’s stock left on their books to sell.

This is coupled with the fact that at the hands of the pandemic the UK has experienced one of the highest excess death rates in Europe. Typically, 600,000 people pass away each year, however, since the start of the pandemic 112,244 more people have died than expected equating to a 21 per rise in deaths.

For customers of Microsoft Dynamics 365 this means that the rate at which the data stored within the CRM platform is decaying more quickly. This is reducing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and producing flawed analytics that are negatively impacting strategic business decision making.

To counteract this Clean Contacts powered by The Software Bureau has launched Free Data Health Check so that Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can identify exactly how much of their data is inaccurate. The solution which requires no financial commitment is available on AppSource or via and is secure and easy to set up.

Once activated it delivers a health check report through either Teams or Outlook, stating exactly how many records (Contacts, Accounts or leads) have moved or passed away.