“Data is the new Gold” is a phrase we continue to hear almost on a daily basis. However, what you don’t hear is that contaminated Gold results in an inferior quality of this precious metal.

Just like Gold, the quality of your data reflects the value of it. Poor quality, contaminated data (<24 carat) devalues your data asset and ultimately makes it harder to derive true value from it. Whereas, 24 carat data is free of contaminants and has immense value to the owner.

Data Quality is the alchemist’s most important tool. As you clean your data, you improve its purity and therefore its value.

What’s more important than ever today is that your data cleansing takes place wherever your data is stored, not just ‘washed’ post extraction. The cleansing processes also need to be completed in real-time and regularly too. Your data is being contaminated on a daily basis, as the data you manage are in fact details of a living human being, which changes on a daily basis.

This process is becoming increasingly easier, as CRM platforms enable in-app solutions which monitor and improve data quality in situ. Solutions such as, Clean Contacts are embedded within your CRM, monitoring change to personal data, whilst removing impurities.

What does this mean to you?

  • Improved analytics, modelling and segmentation
  • Fully automated
  • Removing resource needs
  • Speeding up the process
  • Waste reduction

The target of bringing data cleansing closer to the heart of your data is now very much a reality. Utilising either direct API calls from within your CRM or using an in-app solution like Clean Contacts will bring data management into the 21st Century, with the potential of creating a new 24 carat Gold Rush for brand owners and solutions providers alike.