Sorting mail to achieve postal discounts is a fundamental activity of every mailing house, print business or corporate print room needing to send bulk mail. It can however be a real rigmarole to get started with sortation. The need to invest in software and expertise for data preparation and artwork manipulation can itself quickly run into the tens of £000’s. This price tag and the complexity for organisations to get into direct mail can be prohibitive. That is why we are introducing

What is MyMailing? is a free to use online postal sortation service for all Royal Mail Retail bulk mail discount schemes with the exception of Mailmark (for now). The aim of MyMailing is simple. Make achieving postage discounts through sortation easy and free with no software to install, no contracts and no fees. The service enables people wishing to send bulk mail to create an account, upload an address file and commence a sort in a couple of minutes. The idea is to take away all the friction involved in the sortation aspect of postage discounts and encourage more organisations to consider mail as a cost-effective channel.

What Type of Sort Does MyMailing Cater For? caters for the following Royal Mail sort types;

  • Letters, Large letters and Parcels
  • Business, Advertising and Publishing
  • Economy, Second and First Class
  • High Sort, Low Sort, Low Sort OCR, Low Sort Barcode
  • All Sustainability and Container presentation options

Why Not Mailmark?

Mailmark is high on the priority list for the imminent future of MyMailing. With the increasingly favorable pricing of Mailmark over the other postage methods there is no doubt this is the format of choice for those sending regular or longer run work. The reason why MyMailing doesn’t feature Mailmark from launch is simply due to the steps required to send Mailmark jobs. Producing compliant barcodes, getting Royal Mail to approve initial jobs and sending daily eManifests make it a more involved process. Nevertheless, the aim is to expand MyMailing to accommodate Mailmark in the near future.

What Makes MyMailing Different from Other Sort Software?

Most sortation software is accessed on individual computers on premise at a mailing house which requires installation, training and support. Having software installed on physical machines can make it difficult when different people need to run sorts in different locations. The difference with is it is accessed via any web browser and has been designed to not require any training at all. We have also focused on making it quick and easy to use so with just a few clicks you can be running a sort. By building an easy to use, free online service we hope to encourage more organisations to adopt the channel.

It’s Free? What’s the Catch?

Yes, the launch version of Royal Mail sorts is indeed free to use. Simply create an account and start running sorts immediately. Some premium features of MyMailing will be introduced in the coming months and years and these will be paid for services, but we are committed to keeping basic sorts with moderate volumes free.

How do I Get Access to MyMailing?

MyMailing is currently in testing, but the launch date for the beta version of the software is Monday 27th of March. Pre-register your details at and we will send you an email on launch day with the details of how to create your account.