The latest JICMAIL figures reveal that direct mail volumes are at their highest level for two years indicating the continued confidence in the channel post pandemic.

This is reinforced by the commercial effectiveness of the medium which sees mail continue to drive digital customer engagement, footfall into physical stores and purchases at the same level it did this time last year.  However, with the cost-of-living crisis now truly showing its teeth arguably direct mail is working harder today than it was even during the pandemic. This is a result of the difficulty in driving consumer response in the wake of stressed consumer wallets and squeezed household budgets.

The travel and hospitality sectors experienced the largest growth in direct mail usage over this quarter, unsurprising given the freedom now afforded to consumers and the need to tempt customers back. The top 10 advertisers also increased their usage of the channel over the past three months again showing that some of the UK’s largest brands have confidence in the channel’s effectiveness.

The latest stats show that direct mail frequency currently stands at 4.4. Whilst item reach is 1.1 indicating that recipients pass on one in ten mailings. Finally, DM still has staying power with a lifespan in the house standing at over a week – 7.4 days before being disposed of.

With direct mail continuing to be the most trusted form of communication by consumers, the fact that it’s key effectiveness measures are remaining stable should come as no surprise.  Moreover, with Royal Mail’s compelling mailing discounts now is a great time to use the channel! However, mail effectiveness is directly linked to data hygiene. With poor targeting practices frequency, life span and reach start to dwindle. It is critical therefore that the data underpinning a direct mail campaign is as clean and up to date as possible or risk damaging the brand – but also degrading the effectiveness of the channel as a whole.

The bottom line is that no matter how compelling the offer, or how attractive the creative if the direct mail pack is delivered to the wrong person, then it won’t deliver for you! For expert advice on how to ensure your mail campaign produces the best ROI please contact us!