The latest stats from JICMAIL reveal that there has been record levels of digital activity driven by direct mail.

The Q3 Report shows that the effectiveness of mail at driving consumers to use their tablets or smartphones has increased by 11 per cent over the last 12 months, while the two-year growth trend revealed an increase of 41 per cent. For the first time the amount of mobile device usage prompted by mail exposure has outstripped the amount used to call advertisers directly. Direct Mail with distinct customer oriented creative content is the most effective at driving mobile usage (of which online banking is a large part). Eleven per cent of DM containing appointment related information drives mobile usage, and DM containing product notifications and reminders drives a similar level of mobile effectiveness.

Additionally, nine per cent of mail drives people to advertiser websites, six per cent results in people seeking out new information about a brand online, while five per cent of mail prompts consumers to look up their account details.

Volumes continue to increase as the market rebounds from the pandemic, with door drops growing by 18 per cent since the same time in 2020. A rebound in travel and tourism activity in the summer months, plus telecoms sector activity were found to be the key areas of growth.

Key mail media metrics remain stable, with the average piece of Direct Mail interacted with 4.4 times a month on average and Door Drops three times a month. Direct mail’s lifespan current stands at 7.4 days, whilst door drops stay in the house for an average of 5.7 days.

For marketers, these figures are very compelling demonstrating the value of mail as part of the marketing mix. Direct mail continues to be an extremely engaging and relevant channel; however, effectiveness is a function of targeting: sending mail which is addressed incorrectly, or to people that have moved or passed away diminishes ROI and ultimately weakens the channel. This is why data management is the most fundamental part of campaign planning.

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