“When we were looking for a solution Cygnus and The Software Bureau came up again and again.” Andrew Wells of Media Five joins 4 other clients in the last 5 weeks who have chosen Cygnus data processing software from The Software Bureau.

2017 has seen significant growth from existing clients expanding their use of Cygnus and new clients choosing the data processing software. With these 5 new additions to the Cygnus user base, the pace of investment in data processing doesn’t seem to be slowing down. We asked some of our newest users to tell us what swayed them to choose Cygnus.


GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018 and for the first time Data Processors will be governed by many of the same rules as their Data Controller customers. Matthew Wennington, MD of FastAnt sites ease of use and GPDR compliance as a deciding factor for choosing Cygnus.

“We wanted a more robust and easy to use data processing suite and Cygnus clearly provided that. The way we can handle suppression and home mover data in a single system for both the processing and the royalty management has made things much slicker for us.”

Matthew and FastAnt are leading the way with GDPR and they are using Cygnus to help differentiate the business from less prepared competitors.

“We also chose Cygnus as part of our GDPR excellence strategy. FastAnt are already 27001 compliant and committed to data security, but Cygnus allows us to go beyond simply complying with the regulation. We want to reduce the amount of unstructured client data within our network and remove risk wherever we can. Cygnus allows us to automatically and securely ingest data from our customer portals, process it and remove it from our systems with minimal human interaction. The ability to easily save the processing job without the data makes it the perfect solution to demonstrate GDPR compliance while actually reducing the time spent on each job. Our investment in Cygnus helps us further demonstrate to our clients that we are leading the way in secure, GDPR compliant data and direct mail services.”

Matthew Wennington, Managing Director, FastAnt (Part of Taylor Bloxham Group)


A Comprehensive Suite

Cygnus has grown to encompass everything a mail producer, bureau or data owner might ever need to prepare a contact data file. Standard modules for any type of deduplication, merging and postal sortation are complemented with more specialised tools including over 400 million records of embedded suppression and home mover data and even a scripting language to write bespoke processing functions.

“We are just starting out in direct mail here at MI but in today’s climate data is an area we need to excel in. Cygnus gives us everything we need to deliver an advanced and comprehensive data and DM service in a single, easy to use package.”

David Smith, Project Manager, MI Print and Production


Speed of Processing

With shrinking lead times and more complex data demands from customers it is pivotal data preparation doesn’t become the bottleneck. Cygnus helps clients improve the speed of data processing in 2 ways. Firstly with ‘everything in one place’ graphical user interface there is no swapping between applications, uploading data to online suppression services or writing complex scripts. Secondly Cygnus can process millions of records per hour and can even automatically scan for new data and commence processing without an operator for jobs that arrive overnight.

“We are winning larger more complex mailing projects than ever before so we needed improve our data processing capability. Without the reliability and processing speed of Cygnus we would have really struggled to meet the turnaround times demanded by one of our largest new customers. When we were looking for a solution Cygnus and The Software Bureau came up again and again and we are confident we have invested in a solution which will continue to deliver as we expand.”

Andrew Wells, Managing Director, MediaFive


Time Efficiency

The Software Bureau receive unanimously positive feedback about the graphical user interface of Cygnus. A canvas style interface makes it easy to build visual data processing flows much faster than any other solution. The operator can design and monitor a sequence of processing activities which for complex jobs can run into dozens or even hundreds of steps. Errors are spotted easily and complex or repeat jobs can be saved as templates to make running jobs faster and more efficiently.

“We were looking for a solution to take the labour out of data processing and Cygnus really delivered. Complex jobs can be delivered in a fraction of the time and we know we have the backing of an experienced support team which we were lacking before.”

David Jarrett, Director, Echo Direct Marketing Services Ltd


Find Out More about Cygnus

Are you a mail producer, data bureau or data controller looking to improve the efficiency and compliance of data processing? Why not register for a short demonstration of Cygnus from The Software Bureau. We would be delighted to show you the software, offer a free fully functional evaluation license or even setup some of your jobs to show you how Cygnus could work for you.