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Our analysis of ICO’s enforcement actions over the past 12 months (July 2023-July 2024) reveals important trends in data governance and highlights the ongoing challenges organisations face in maintaining data privacy. It indicates a predominant focus on the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR): PECR: 55.56% Article 5(1)(f): 18.52% (Integrity and confidentiality of personal data) Article 5(1)(a): 7.41% (Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency) Article 12(3): 7.41% (Transparent information, communication, and modalities for exercising the rights of the data subject) Article 32(1)(b): 3.70% (Security of processing) Article 5(1)(c): 3.70% (Data minimization) Article 9(1): 3.70% (Processing of special categories of personal data) Trends and Observations: Predominance of PECR Violations: Over half of the enforcement actions were related to PECR. This underscores the ICO's focus [...]