Mailmark eManifest Build or Buy?

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Keeping your mailing house or full service print business at the forefront of technology is something you pride yourself on, but it isn’t always easy. Keeping abreast of new machines, software, expertise and changes in postal services are tough to keep up with. Enter Mailmark, the biggest change from Royal Mail since the advent of the postcode. According to the latest adoption update by Royal Mail 21% of all Bulk Mail is now sent with the Mailmark attribute. Already the most cost effective way to send mail, Mailmark is set to have a further price differential introduced in January 2016 which is likely to make it 5% cheaper to mail with Mailmark than any other method. It is pretty clear [...]

Mailmark Ready in 1 Week

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Are you involved in mailings? Are you Mailmark ready? If you are a mail producer, printer or some other supplier of mail services you have probably heard of Mailmark. However there remains a lot of confusion about the steps required to becoming Mailmark Ready. Here are some things you should know about Mailmark and the basic steps you can take to become Mailmark ready within a week. What is Mailmark? Mailmark was introduced in early 2014, and has been billed as a revolution in Mail comparable in impact to the introduction of the Postcode. Royal Mail have invested over £70 million in the project which according to recent update has seen over 1.2 billion items processed. More than 60 mail [...]

Onepost and The Software Bureau Join Forces

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The Software Bureau and ONEPOST have collaborated to bring ONEPOST customers and mailing houses a seamless Mailmark software solution. Mailmark is Royal Mail’s new barcode and optical technology for handling bulk mailings. It will replace its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and CBC (customer barcoding) options. It is part of Royal Mail’s drive to modernise its processes. Mailmark will create more transparency in the mailing system enabling organisations to more easily integrate advertising mail into wider marketing campaigns. Moreover, in order to aid the transition to Mailmark Royal Mail has announced a further price differential from January 2016 which could be as high as five per cent. This will make 1st and 2nd class standard letters significantly cheaper for mailers than [...]

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