The most widely used Mailmark eManifest solution. GeMMA streamlines the process of managing eManifest submission to Royal Mail.

The result?

Efficient and compliant Mailmark management


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Standalone Application

GeMMA is a standalone solution for managing eManifests rather than a feature or module of our data processing suite Cygnus or data sortation software SwiftSort. The Software Bureau recognised early in the inception of GeMMA that data sortation can happen days or even weeks in advance of mail production. The process of managing the eManifest submission to Royal Mail will often be undertaken by a different department to the data team. Keeping eManifest management isolated from other data tasks is pivotal for an efficient workflow.


Saving Time

With GeMMA you can manage your Royal Mail submissions once a day, not as part of each individual job. As a standalone solution GeMMA consolidates the processes involved in controlling the submission of eManifest files to Royal Mail. Sorted eManifests can be submitted from across the business and held in GeMMA. Then, with a simple easy to use interface one person can view all eManifests and choose which jobs or even partial jobs are being dispatched that day, and only submit those.

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The ‘G’ in GeMMA represents ‘generic’ as The Software Bureau has created GeMMA with flexibility in mind. GeMMA can be used with any third party data processing solution including of course, data sortation software. An example of this is a large publicly traded mail producer that decided to write their own data sortation solution, but chose to purchase and integrate GeMMA to manage their eManifest submissions.


Onepost Integration

Used by mail providers and publishers to compare rates and achieve discounts, ONEPOST has become a renowned force in mail. Given the flexibility of GeMMA it made sense for ONEPOST and The Software Bureau to integrate their software. ONEPOST will deliver carrier sorted GeMMA ready files and GeMMA manages the collation and submission of files to Royal Mail.


Downstream Access Providers

As you would expect from an application from The Software Bureau the major downstream access providers are catered for in GeMMA. The Mailmark service is not confined to retail, GeMMA is able to manage eManifests for UK Mail, Whistl, Secured mail and Citipost in addition to Royal Mail.

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