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See how you can be more productive and eliminate errors with a no-obligation trial of the Cygnus data processing suite.

Cygnus provides everything you need to dramatically improve your data processing. Your unrestricted 14 day evaluation includes access to our dedicated support team and the full capabilities of Cygnus including access to:

Graphical User Interface - Design your data processing workflow visually with a drag and drop interface. Keep track of every step and save sequences for repeat jobs.

Sortation - Achieve maximum postage discounts across the major downstream access providers and Royal Mail with the Cygnus sortation solution.

Data Hygiene – A comprehensive suite of tools to manage suppressions, lookups, merges, deduplication and many other data cleansing tasks.

Mailmark Ready – As a Royal Mail accredited partner, Cygnus provides the tools you need to achieve the most economical postage rates with Mailmark.