From simple deduplication to complex data processing workflows, Cygnus can handle all of your data processing needs in one place.

The result?

Fewer errors, faster throughput and a reputation for consistently delivering a superior mailing service over your competition.


Cygnus is the best data processing tool we have used or evaluated

Data Processing Manager, Thamesdown Marketing Services

What will an all-in-one data
processing software solution mean to you?

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Fewer Errors

If you make errors, you lose clients, it’s that simple. With Cygnus you get visibility of every step of the data processing workflow making it simple to spot errors and correct them.

Once a data processing sequence has been setup it can be saved and re-run for repeat jobs cutting the chance of human error.

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Less Hassle

Forget about keeping track of each individual processing stage, learning multiple software packages and writing scripts. With Cygnus everything is in one place. Each module has a wizard style setup which has been developed over thousands of campaigns to ensure setup is as intuitive as possible.

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More Volume

Because Cygnus has an easy to use graphical interface, you need fewer specialised skills to operate it and you can process more jobs in less time. The unrivalled data engine in Cygnus can manage thousands of records through a sequence of processing task in seconds.

‘We view Cygnus as being the keystone in our data processing strategy for both data validation and also campaign production.’

Bureau Control Manager

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