Cygnus Features

Cygnus is the data processing software of choice for the industry’s leading mail production companies, data bureaux, and printing companies

Whether you are maintaining or building databases or generating clean, efficient mailing files, the vast range of functionality in Cygnus offers everything you could ever need.


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

The Cygnus ‘GUI’ has been making the lives of our users that little bit easier and dare we say, maybe a bit more fun too. It is a design tool enabling users to build their process flow to match their data requirements, review progress, make changes easily and safely, and re-run processes as many times  as required.


Data Download

The Data Download module is a step by step wizard for importing data into Cygnus for processing. Gaining an immediate understanding of your data is essential to the efficiency and success of subsequent processes. The module will guide you through the import of your data undertaking name and address parsing, obscenity, deceased word and embedded comment screening, and provide a data quality audit report on completion.



The Postcode Address File (PAF) Module performs a lookup and update interface for your address data. The PAF module can add a Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) to your data for CBC or Mailmark campaigns. The module can also validate postcodes are correct and correct errors in addresses.

Cygnus’ PAF module is straightforward to use with a clear and concise user interface. Standard PAF options will enable you to update an address at a variety of levels from simply adding the Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) for CBC/Mailmark™, validating a postcode, or fully enhancing the address.

Cygnus is an integral part of our data quality process, allowing us to access vast quantities of enhancement and enrichment services.  Cygnus’s unique workflow interface and extensive functionality ticks all of the boxes for us!

Claudio Deriu, Database Marketing Services Manager, Age UK



The DPS module enables users to quickly pass their data via the Royal Mail’s PAF database to append the Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) and CBC barcode data to your address file. This data is required for two of the most popular sort products currently in use, Low Sort CBC and Mailmark.

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The Deduplication module  in Cygnus is a particularly flexible and mature solution. The module enables removal of duplicate records based on sophisticated algorithms, fuzzy matching, and configurable rule based tables. The module caters for multiple files, various matching levels, and a logic driven selection hierarchy.



Trace is a module aimed at improving the accuracy or hygiene of your data file by updating addresses when recipients have moved. Encompassing up to 4 third party data sources from vendors such as Royal Mail, Wilmington Millennium and REaD Group,  it is possible to determine new occupiers of an address or locate a previous contact at their new address.



The Suppress module can either flag or remove out of date records from your database or mailing file saving production and postage costs while maintaining brand integrity. Find out if intended recipients have moved, died or simply requested not to be mailed by screening against  over 500 million suppression records available directly within Cygnus. This lucrative service is available on a pay per record agreement with The Software Bureau removing the burden of minimum commitments and dealing with multiple vendors.

Amazing piece of software, we have complete control over the data that we process giving our clients the best service available and full insight into their data.

Liam Baldwin, Kingsline Solutions

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The Cygnus Match module enables users to reference multiple data sources for applications such as dealer/store look-up processing. Other common uses of Match include the consolidation of multiple records to one master record, or matching records via a unique reference such as an account number.


Postal Sortation

The Cygnus Sort module is comprehensive, fast, and easy to use. Fully accredited by Royal Mail, including the recently introduced Mailmark service, you can be confident that your data will be sorted accurately and will therefore achieve the maximum possible discounts. Sort also links with the four primary downstream access postage providers Whistl, Citipost, UK Mail and Secured Mail.

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USP (User Specified Process)

A User Specified Process (USP) can be employed to cater for a bespoke processing requirement not catered for within a standard Cygnus module.

USP’s can be simple, such as inserting control records at specified points in a file, or highly complex such as restructuring an entire database. Theoretically, there is no restriction on what can be done with the data in your Cygnus job.

It’s fast clear and robust. Data is validated and normalised to a high standard whatever the source.

Data Consultant - TMW Unlimited



The Splerge™ module is a powerful data manipulation tool offering the capability to split and / or merge data together. The module makes it easy to segment data into similar batches, run A/B tests, generate numeric based data splits, perform conditional processing or simply combine data files. Splerge™ is supplied with a comprehensive library of scripts and templates as examples to help users maximise the capabilities of the module.


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Process Automation

Process Automation enables users to remove human interactions from regular projects.

With the module users can schedule data processing workflows to be executed outside office hours or when a file is made available.


Data Export & Data Export Express

Data processing is usually just one step in the production of a campaign, therefore the extraction of processed data has to accommodate a variety of next actions. The Export module offers comprehensive control over how your data is output from Cygnus. Determining which fields are required, sequencing data for production / imposition, and choosing file formats are all possible within the data export module. Choose the ‘Express’ version for simpler export routines with fewer configuration steps.


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