SwiftSort Changes Log

The below is an outline of all changes. To get a better understanding of the changes it is recommend that you view the change log via the in application Help system as this shows more information and in some cases is interactive. Note that the in application Help system is updated via the Resource Updater. 

1.10.7 & 1.10.8 (Released 13-08-14)

  1. Application Upgrades and Resource Updates used the FTP protocol, this has now been changed to HTTPS.
  2. A new setting has been added to allow Application Upgrades and Resource Updates through a HTTP Proxy.
  3. To test the above changes a further Application Upgrade (1.10.8) will become available post the 1.10.7 upgrade. This upgrade is delivered using the new HTTPS protocol. 
Critical Changes

Critical Changes

Special attention should be made to the above changes as it may be necessary to amend your proxy access settings, whitelist and if Application Upgrades are applied via CMD the -updatepath switch will need to be amended. 

1.10.6 (Released 08-08-14)

  1. Small enhancement in the creation of CBC Barcodes (PostalSort.dll

1.10.5 (Released 28-07-14)

  1. Both Data Output and Mailing House Folders can now be overridden using two new switches via Project Automation (CMD).

1.10.4 (Released 22-07-14)

  1. The Resource Updater now fails cleanly when a resource being updated is already in use. For example, A Help update is detected and requested but the user has the Help system open, therefore the Help file cannot be overwritten. 

1.10.3 (Released 16-07-14)

  1. A new Mail Type for Large Letters via DSA's has been added called 'General'. This is to facilitate the new restrictions on the Mail Type 'Business Mail'. Contact Carriers for more information.
  2. Fixed a malformed error for Local Application Updates when a path was used that contained either spaces or an allowed character outside of the alphabet.
  3. The End to End (E2E) option for TNT now has a Default Option and behaves dependent on its Default Option and the Mailing Options selected. Note that E2E is now disabled for Mailmark.
  4. Fixed an issue with the UKMail Reject Tariff always defaulting to Business Class regardless of selection.
  5. Full technical documentation is now available for the production of Project Definition files via XML Schema Definitions (XSD).

Critical Changes

Critical Changes

Special attention should be made to the above changes as it may be necessary to amend your proxy access settings or whitelist.

1.10.2 (Released 24-06-14)

  1. The change log within the application is basic text not allowing us to draw a users attention to critical updates. Therefore a web based change log has been implemented along with two Update Methods which allow a user to apply updates Automatically or Manually. Note that an interactive change log has always been available via the in application Help system. 
  2. About form has a link to open both the interactive Help system and the new web based change log.
  3. When checking for Resource Updates on startup a loading image is displayed within the Update Status Area to show the user that Check For Resource Updates is running.
  4. Applivation Updates now has two update modes.
  5. File Format wizard improvements.
  6. Licence Expiry warnings.
  7. Update Source warnings.
  8. TNT E2E has been added.

Critical Changes

Critical Changes

This upgrade contains changes to the PAF Lite engine and requires that you update your PAF Lite Resources via the Resource Updater. To avoid issues this should be done immediately after applying this application upgrade.

No changes have been made to the Project Definition. 

1.9.10 (Released 22-05-14)

  1. Various features have been added to improve Project Automation:-

Returns Codes have been expanded allowing users to define a more considered decision of how to progress.
Application Updates can now be applied via command line.
Resource Updates can now be applied via command line.

1.9.9 (Released 15-05-14)


  1. Project Automation has been expanded allowing the user to define the input path and file name of the input data.
  2. Fixed width files can now have their length defined manually for each field within the File Format Wizard.
  3. Improved the Stop Processing at Field Analysis Stage. Now stops cleanly.
  4. The Progress, Processing and Audit Information now shows a one thousand (,) separator.
  5. Can now browse and select a Mailing House Directory directly on the Mailing tab.


1.9.8 (Released 07-05-14)


  1. Version Control has been added to the Resource Updater to allow us to hide updates not applicable to the current version as certain resource updates are not compatible.
  2. Various improvements have been made to the Resource Updater:-

Disabling of buttons depending on various criteria.
Warning message when closing if updates in progress.
Temporary zip files now deleted when updates are rerun.

1.9.7 (Released 30-04-14)


  1. The TNT Segment Code control is now created and maintained via the sort engine. This change was implemented to bring both sort products into line and therefore eliminate the risk of a site with both products producing duplicate Segment Codes. A site can now point each product to the same central resource, if not possible the Segment Code allotment has also be divided between both products:-


Cygnus - 01 through HH
SwiftSort - I1 through ZH
This allows each product 323 unique Segment Codes which reduces the risk of duplication across products. Of course if a site has multiple installs of a single product then they should also centralise this resource.


1.9.6 (Released 28-04-14)


  1. Added the ability to add user defined data (Text and/or Fields) to a 2D Mailmark Barcode.




  1. Output Client, Job Description and Job ID to [Run Params] for GeMMA.

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