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Behind the closed doors of The Software Bureau offices lies a wealth of experience in the direct marketing and data industries. Of course, this experience goes into developing and supporting our software products and helping our clients get the most from the products they are using but in addition, we are also available to help and advise our customers on any aspects of data processing, data cleansing, or on their direct mail campaigns via a range of services we offer.


Ensuring our customers are well trained in using our software products is of paramount importance to us. We strongly believe that a well trained user will achieve the best results from our software, produce a better quality result, and, if we’re totally honest, require less support from us! We love to hear from our users of course, but the less frequently you need support, the more efficient you will be.

Whilst training is included when purchasing Cygnus, we are also happy to undertake ad-hoc training sessions, perhaps for new personnel, and host training seminars at our offices in Croydon. Look out for email notifications about dates for training seminars.

Bureau Services

One thing we don’t do is offer a bureau service that competes with our customers. However, there are occasions when our customers ask us to manage a campaign for them – perhaps due to workload, or complexity, or the particular processing they require isn’t part of their software configuration.

In addition, prospective customers may wish us to run a proof of concept campaign. This way, they aren’t committing time and resource to an evaluation, but are able to see that Cygnus can fulfil their data processing or cleansing needs and help them to make that major decision in changing their software provider.

Professional Advice

Virtually all of the personnel at The Software Bureau have worked in the data and direct mail industries for many years. The total combined years of experience is a little scary in reality, coming in at somewhere approaching 250 years!

This experience is available to our customers, or indeed our prospects, to help them get the best out of the software, but is not limited to that. Our knowledge goes beyond what our software can do to include postal services, document composition, mail piece design and configuration, data security, and even social media!

Please speak to us if you require more information about any of the services we can offer or we can meet to go through your requirements.