Free Guide to Suppression & Home Mover data

By Martin Rides

If you care about direct mail results or data quality, you will no doubt agree that the use of suppression files and home mover tracking is vital. With GDPR on the horizon and the increasing ease in which data management faux pas can escalate from social to mainstream media, it is no surprise brand-conscious marketers are more receptive than ever to data hygiene services. In fact, 2016 has shown the largest volume of suppression and trace file use we have ever recorded here at The Software Bureau.

With over 500 million records across 20 files all embedded within Cygnus the challenge can be the choice of services available. That is why we created the complete guide to Suppression and Home Mover data.

Suppression and Trace Guide 2

This comprehensive 16-page guide offers vital information to assist data managers/owners & mail producers in selling data hygiene services and helps marketers differentiate and select file providers most relevant to them. The guide will help you discover

  • The business case for data hygiene
  • What to look for in a suppression or trace file
  • Where the data originates from within each file
  • Volumes and frequency of updates
  • The damage caused by getting data hygiene wrong

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