We’re Mailmark™ enabled – are you?

By David Murray

The Software Bureau has already enabled Mailmark. Which means you have, too.

Royal Mail has new impetus to make itself more attractive as a supplier and they hope to do this by creating more transparency in the mail process. They are hoping that Mailmark, their new technology for handling bulk mail, will be the vehicle for this.

But you may ask, what’s Mailmark all about?

The Software Bureau is delivering Mailmark

Mailmark is a new barcode and optical technology for handling bulk mail from the Royal Mail. Ultimately it will become the most economical way to send direct mail, but it’s currently in testing.

Mailmark provides a unique barcode that is printed on each item of mail. This is then read through multiple processes on the item’s journey through the mail network. So, using Royal Mail’s online dashboard (Mail Analytics), you’ll see exactly where your mail is in the Royal Mail network – down to the individual item and postman’s round.

Mark Dobson, Client Services Director at The Software Bureau, explains: “By knowing the timeframe that mail progresses through the Royal Mail network our customers will be able to better manage their communication channels – scheduling other marketing activity or calls around likely doormat times.”

The Software Bureau was invited by Royal Mail to be involved in the planning and phase 1 adoption of Mailmark™. We’ve undertaken rapid development of the integration to hit Royal Mail schedules and have now enabled Mailmark in ALL of our software – and we have early adopters already using it through Cygnus and SwiftSoft.

Introducing GeMMA – making Mailmark more efficient

We’ve gone the extra mile and created an exciting piece of software called GeMMA – which stands for Generic Email Mailing Manifest Application. It’s a standalone application from The Software Bureau that will undertake a vital service that Royal Mail will demand but not provide: the upload of all your Mailmark mailing data to Royal Mail’s back-end data servers.

 “Cygnus and SwiftSort will generate all the Mailmark™ barcode variants for the mailing,” adds Mark Dobson. “That capability is in there, right now, for free”.

“GeMMA is a separate piece of software that allows you to integrate your mailing data, batched if required, with Royal Mail’s online systems. In fact you don’t need to be using Cygnus or Swiftsort to use GeMMA, as it will work with any Software Bureau or third party mail data sortation solution you’re running.

“We’ve designed and built GeMMA around our typical customers’ production environments and workflows to make using Mailmark™ efficient, simple and safe. Without GeMMA you just can’t use Mailmark™ effectively.”

Benefits of Mailmark™

Mailmark™ will transform bulk mail, and in combination with software like GeMMA it will also transform the way your organisation handles and reports on its mailing activity.

User Group Benefits
Mail Houses Additional services and savings to offer your clients
Charities Tracking your campaigns so you can have greater efficiencies in your “Banking and Thanking” team, by knowing when the mailing will drop.
End Users The transparency of knowing when campaigns will be delivered in what areas will mean that you can manage your call and fulfilment centres more effectively.

How do you adopt Mailmark™?

Be sure: Mailmark™ is coming. And with an investment of over £70m Royal Mail is committed to delivering it – although it has been delayed and will likely go live after June 2014. That means, if you currently post a single posting of 30,000 business letters or 5000 Large Letters, you need to be there when it starts. But there’s a queue forming for early adopters.

To get in on the next phases of Mailmark™ adoption and roll-out, speak to us for advice. Call David Murray on 0870 735 9536 or David.murray@thesoftwarebureau.com


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