Complete data sortation solution incorporating Royal Mail and Downstream Access providers Whistl, UK Mail, Secured Mail and Citipost

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Royal Mail

All versions of SwiftSort include support for all Royal Mail retail sorts including advertising mail, business mail, sustainable advertising mail and publishing mail. SwiftSort is fully Mailmark ready allowing users to capitalise on what is fast becoming the most cost effective mail solution.


Downstream Access Providers

SwiftSort provides comprehensive sortation for the 4 largest postage providers:

  • UKMail
  • Whistl
  • Secured Mail
  • Citipost


DPS and Mailmark

SwiftSort enables users to add a Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) to data files as required by Mailmark encoded campaigns. Add GeMMA to SwiftSort for comprehensive Mailmark eManifest integration and management.

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Process Automation

Maximise productivity by automating sortation jobs. Process automation enables SwiftSort to run sortation jobs remotely such as at a specific time overnight or when a file arrives in a hot folder.  The SwiftSort API allows you to embed the sort engine within 3rd party applications, alternatively the SwiftSort Command Line feature provides a simple automation function within existing workflows.



Multiple Invocation

Set multiple sort jobs running without waiting for an individual file to complete with SwiftSort multiple invocation. This capability maximises processing performance and minimises the time required by operators to setup jobs.


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