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See how you can minimise mailing cost with a free, instant download of SwiftSort - no credit card required.

SwiftSort is the only software you will ever need to minimise mail costs across Royal Mail and all of the major downstream access providers. Your 14 day free trial allows you to run live jobs and includes access to all the great capabilities of SwiftSort including:

Royal Mail – All sortations for business, advertising and publishing mail are available within the Royal Mail accredited SwiftSort package.

Downstream Access Providers – UK Mail, Whistl, Citipost and Secured Mail are all available sorts within SwiftSort offering freedom to choose the right provider for you.

Mailmark Ready – The Software Bureau worked directly with Royal Mail to develop SwiftSort compatibility with Mailmark. Minimise mail costs by becoming Mailmark ready today.

Automation – Run sorts sequentially or schedule them to maximise productivity and improve data processing efficiency.

SwiftSort Pricing Table

Pricing valid from 1/10/2017

  Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Cost per year £950 £1,650 £2,500 £POA
Royal Mail Retail Sorts
Sortation for Royal mail postal provider
Process Automation
Run sorts without human interaction
Downstream Access Sorts
UKMail, Whistl, Secured Mail and Citipost
DPS / CBC Append
Mailmark compliance
Connect dynamically to databases
Multiple Invocation
Seamless batching of sort jobs

SwiftSort was the only system we looked at that gave us access to all of the downstream access providers, it gives us ultimate flexibility



Frequently Asked Questions

1. By downloading SwiftSort am I committing to purchase?

Absolutely not, take the 14 days to get to know the software and there is no further commitment to purchase licenses after the 14 day period. We don’t even ask for your credit card or bank details for the trial.

2. Is the trial a cut down or limited version of the software?

No, you get access to the full range of postal sortations and you can even run live jobs during the trial period. After the 14 days if you wish to continue using the software you can simply call us to make payment for the version you would like to continue with.

3. How will I know how to use it?

Once you download the product it installs with a wizard just like a normal desktop application. When you receive your license key you will also receive a video and a manual to guide you through your first experience with SwiftSort. We are however more than happy to talk you through anything you have questions about so feel free to call us on 0870 735 9536

4. Do I have to buy training or services?

No, SwiftSort is an intuitive product and many customers find by following our simple onboarding video they have no problem running their first jobs. We do however offer a complimentary online training with a SwiftSort expert and ongoing support throughout your trial.