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If you are a data bureau, you know how important it is to meet your client’s data requirements. No two jobs are ever the same and you require the flexibility and speed to meet the needs of the most demanding clients. It doesn't matter if you are consolidating many databases or producing a file for a mailing, speed and accuracy are the key. With our data download module reporting on every aspect of the data at import stage, and producing informative reports either as a PDF or XML, you can deliver a unique insight into your client data. After import, you have the option to PAF enhance the data, run new address and occupier tracing and of course, screen against the largest single source of deceased, gone away and preference suppression data on the market – we currently support around 500 million records from the top trace and suppression file providers in the UK. Cygnus really is world class and is used by many of the UK’s leading bureaux.

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