Custom solutions for all types of business sectors

We have gained a trusted reputation for delivering software solutions across all industries and sectors. Mailing production houses still account for over 40% of our client base, but we have seen other sectors looking seriously at data processing and sortation as a viable option to bring in house. For more details click on each sector click on the links below.

Print and Mail Production Print and Mail Production

Print and Mail Production

The cornerstone of all our products are with the print and mail producers. To find out more and what products are right for your business click
on the tab below.

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Data Bureau Data Bureau

Data Bureau

Cygnus and data bureaux – The perfect couple? Fast powerful and fully supported, Cygnus is used by some of the UK’s leading data bureaux to deliver clean data to their clients.

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SME's and Corporates SME's and Corporates

SME's and Corporates

Cutting costs, busy mailing department requiring data cleaning and sortation software or just need security in not letting the data outside of your CRM system, we have a product for you.

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